A Look at the Verizon Educational Tools App

Verizon Education Tools App
Devices, homework, education and apps. There is so much of all of them and so many choices to make! What is a person to do? Kids love technology and playing so that is a tool we want to use to its fullest with our kids. Verizon wants to help parents out when it comes to apps and education with the Verizon Educational Tools App. The Verizon Educational Tools is an app that helps parents find educational apps based that are best suited to your child’s needs and age. And I am stoked that they have asked me to write about it!
The Verizon Educational Tools app is set up to make it easy to find specific apps to work on specific subjects based on their grade level. After you choose a grade level you are given options between apps and videos. And in each of those categories you can choose between searching by category or common core. Under category you can pick apps by subject and sub-subject! Under Common Core you can choose by each section of the codes.
The apps that you find have all been reviewed and recommended a board of experts. So you can take faith that these aren’t just random apps found by a search engine. In addition to just giving an overview of the app, the panel breaks down and gives you a detailed look at every aspect of the apps. But some of the apps listed will be not be free and all costs for the apps and all that are completely separate from the Verizon Educational Tools App.
There are also a couple of other areas of the app that parents might find helpful. Common Core is a really big deal in schools now (not so much for my homeschool;). So to help parents with this there is a free Common Core for Dummies that comes with the app. But in addition to guide they have the actual Common Core standards by state. So there are no more questions when teachers shrug their shoulders about it, you can get it yourself!
There are also some great discounts and offers available. This is the only place that companies can buy placement in the app at all (and it doesn’t influence being listed anywhere else). There are deals on BrainPop, magazines and a bunch of other things.
Verizon Educational Tools seems to be a fabulous tool that makes finding subject and grade level appropriate apps extremely easy! This is an add on service so it is $2 a month per device. But if you have a More Everything plan you can get this free if you download and activate it by September 30, 2014. Then it will be free for the life of your More Everything plan! If you have multiple devices on the More Everything plan you must install and activate the Verizon Educational Tools App on each device. But remember, you must get this by September 30, 2014 for it to be free (or wait for another promotion).
So go grab Verizon Educational Tools and get this school year off to a great start!

(Disclosure: I am an Ambassador for Verizon Educational Tools and have been compensated for this post. But while Verizon picked the subject, all thoughts and opinions are mine alone!)

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