The Magical World of Minecraft: Part 1


This is the start of a new series about magic items in Minecraft. Minecraft has a long history of magic it has: Witches and potions and  cauldrons, also enchantments. Today I am going to talk about enchantments and the mysterious witch.

The Witch is one of the newest monsters and makes houses in swamps. I like the houses for first homes but they’re really small for long term living. You will find in a Witch’s house a pot with a mushroom a crafting table and a cauldron(part 2) it is raised up like on stilts. I like using it like as a first home but it doesn’t have a lot of room so I always move out fast or build a base around it.

Now I am going to talk about enchantments. First you need to have an enchantment table made with diamond in the bottom corners then obsidian in the bottom middle and and the middle row then a book in the top middle. The enchantment table is pretty far from the start using diamonds and obsidian and the cows and sugar cane. Then to enchant any thing you need to have lapis lazuli to make it work. Do you know those little green bars that get little boosts when you kill things? That’s experience used to enchant things like tools and armor. The more you have the better things you can get. But your enchantment table can only enchant a little when you first place it. To get better stuff you need to have book shelf’s to unlock it’s full potential. The most helpful way to arrange it is in the picture above but you don’t need to do the bottom level that’s just to look cool. All tools and armor can be enchanted but I suggest don’t enchant any tools that is less than an iron but always enchant anything diamond. A book shelf is made by putting any type of planks across the top and bottom of the crafting table and books across the middle and then it looks like a book shelf. They are flammable so no fire places in the library.

And that is all you need to know to start enchanting. This is not every  thing you should go out there and explore and tell me all of the cool things  you find out. Happy minecrafting!           


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