The Magical World of Minecraft: Part 2 Brewing


This weeks is all about Potions. These are very hard to get ether by killing a witch (see part 1) or by making your own. I just started working with potions with the rest of the Nerdlings on a server we have. Potions are later in the game than enchanting needing obsidian to make a portal. Thats right we are talking about the nether. To Brew potions you need to have a brewing stand made with a blaze rod. A Blaze is a monster on minecraft that only spawns in the nether fortress. A Nether fortress is a huge structure made of nether brick that spawns wither skeletons and Blazes. To learn more about Blazes check out my Nether post. To make a brewing stand you need a Blaze rod that sometimes is dropped by a Blaze. To make a brewing stand put cobblestone across the bottom of the crafting table then a blaze rod in the middle middle. To brew potions you need to get nether wart to make a awkward potion which is like a base potion that you need to use when brewing. Next you need to figure out a potion to make. I am not going to tell you all the types of potions but if you want to learn all of them go to the minecraft wiki brewing page . There are a couple of ingredients that will boost the potions effect 

  • Redstone: This boost the amount of time that a potion runs like if you had a speed potion for 2 mins then brew a redstone in to it then it would be 4 mins.
  • Glowstone: This strengthens the effect of the potion, if you have a speed potion that boosts it 20% then you brew a glowstone dust then it would be 40%
  • Fermented Spider Eye: This reverses the potions effect so if you had a speed potion it would turn into a slowness potion. This is made with a spider eye and a sugar in the crafting table.

I hope you have a good understanding of the world of Potions and Brewing.           Nerdpie

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