Maid Sues Over Firing and Pay

So a Maid in Atherton, CA is suing a former employer for wages and damages. This seems pretty normal until I read the rest of the article. A maid was fired because she left chicken bones in a garbage can. Ok, this may have been an overreaction but we don’t know the history but it wasn’t totally unjustified so what is the problem? She doesn’t think she was paid fairly for her work when she worked there. She said she was paid $1000 a month to clean a 9000 square foot house, make meals and take care of 1 kid. She claims she could work 14 hours a day. Apparently she would work up to 7 days a week and up to 14 hours a day. Now this all appears agreeable while she was employed but now she is suing for $120,000 in wages, damages and penalties.

What!?!?!?! She agreed to do a job for a price and if she didn’t like the price she should have gone somewhere else. I agree that they were getting a bargain but that was her fault. Yet another example of how we have become way to litigious.

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