Manifest Your Magnificence Review

I recently got the opportunity to review the Manifest Your Magnificence cards for kids aged 6-12. This are affirmation cards that are designed to nurture a kid’s self-esteem. These are beautifully illustrated cards with a statement on one side (like “I am a Shining Star”) and on the other side is a how statement (like “I make a positive difference in the world”). I think how each family would use them is based on your world view. For us they are a little too heavy on inherent goodness but I think that most of them are great writing prompts. How are you a shining star? How do you make that positive difference in the world? This way you help a child to see how to be the positive affirmation in the world. I love the fact that you can focus on how to develop these positive traits and develop art and writing skills. So go check out these cards and see what you think!

(This is a Family Review Network review)

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