Minecraft Animals: How to get your meat


I love farming animals in Minecraft but it can get a bit confusing  even if your farming just one type of animal. First, I am going to tell you some tips to make your over all farming better. When animals eat if two have eaten they will come to each other and make a baby. No one has genders in Minecraft. I put my animals in pits 3 or more deeper with ladder to get out. Some people say have them in a small place but I make a bigger hole than I need so you don’t need to make more room later. Most people put animals in fence and I know it looks pretty but don’t put chickens in fence they get out easily. Animals will push each other in to walls especially chickens and suffocate themselves but if you put glass in the pits around the bottom the won’t die.

Here are the most common animals you will probable use.

Chickens: These are awesome. When you kill them you get feathers  for arrows (a stick in the middle an arrow on one side a flint on the other) and chicken to eat (just cook it in the furnace) and they lay eggs every Minecraft day. Chickens are the smallest animals being only one block high. They eat  and follow seeds and when you throw an egg you have chance to get a baby chick

Sheep: I use these lots. When you kill them you get wool which makes carpet (two squares of wool side by side) beds (a row of planks then a row of wool) and pictures (a frame of sticks and a wool block in the middle) also mutton to eat (just cook it). You can get wool with out killing the sheep by shearing it by right clicking on the sheep with shears (two iron ingots diagonal ) which will give you 1 to 3 which is more than when you kill it because you only get 1. They eat and follow wheat.

Cows: These are probable the most helpful animals.  When you kill cows you get leather for armor and books (a leather in the corner and 3 paper around it) and beef to eat (just cook it). And you can milk it and you can get unlimited milk and the don’t have to be milked. They also eat and follow wheat.

I hope this will get you interested in animals and farming them and be sure to comment if I left any thing out or any cool tips.                                              


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