Minecraft Biomes: 1 The Mushroom Island

Mushroom island

This is one of the coolest biomes and one of the most unique. This is found in the middle of the ocean that’s why it’s called an island. You don’t want to spawn at the start here because there is no trees or seeds. But there are giant mushrooms. If you want to learn more about Mushrooms check out last week’s post.

There is a neat block that is found in the mushroom island and in the dark forest. It’s called the mycelium block and it is the only thing that you can plant a mushroom on in broad daylight otherwise you need to have stuff on top. The Mushroom island is a great place to come upon later in the game as a secondary base. I like it the most because it is the most unique with lots of new things. The terrain is flat with steep hills.

There is a mob that is specific to the mushroom island and that is the mooshroom. This is a cow that is red and white and with mushrooms on it’s back. You can shear a mooshroom turning it in o a regular cow or milk it with a bowl and you will get mushroom stew. Also a mooshroom will act like a regular cow with milk and if killed beef and leather though they will also drop a couple red mushrooms. This is the only mob that will spawn on the mushroom island including hostile mobs so it is pretty safe.

This is a great biome and you should definitely check it out. Let me know any biomes you want to be included in this series. 


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