Minecraft Biomes: The Desert



The Desert is a neat place but it can be scary place if you don’t know everything about it. The desert is a very empty place with not much to it. You can often find deserts next to all biomes and sometimes it even snows in the desert which is really weird.

there are only a couple of items that are in the desert but there are a lot of them. The main thing is sand lots and lots of sand. I am guessing that you knew that but what you didn’t know is that underneath all that sand is sandstone that is a good building block. You can only dig out sandstone with a picaxe that is stone or higher. There is also chiseled sandstone and sandstone stairs that you make in the bottom row the middle middle and right and the top right.

The only life you really see is a cactus but there is lots of them. Cactus are good defense measures because they hurt everything touching them not just you. Cactus can’t have anything touching them so you need to put them in a checkerboard pattern. Cactus can only be planted on sand and you just plant a cactus block and it will grow straight up till it is 3 high like sugar cane. If you bake cactus you will get green dye and if you add bone meal to it you will get one of my favorites lime green.

I hope that you have learned enough to brave the dreaded desert and survive. Tell me below in the comments what’s your favorite dye in Minecraft.


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