Minecraft Biomes: The Jungle


I really like the jungle because it has a lot of things in a small area. The place is covered with leaves and vines because there are lots of little trees on the floor and there are lots of 4 trunked trees that make almost a roof over the forest. So those combined make it so you can’t move without touching foliage. There is only one mob that is only found in the jungle. Click here to get to know them

My favorite thing that is unique to the jungle is the Cacao seeds. You can make cookies that are better for you to eat per materials that you have to spended in making them. If you make cookies out of 2 wheat and 1 Cacao seed you will get 8 cookies.You need to put a wheat in the middle left an right and a Cacao seed in the middle middle. I often just carry a stack of cookies and they can keep you full for weeks.

The main wood in the jungle is you guessed it jungle wood though there are a lot of oak trees one the floor of the forest. The jungle wood is so tall that if you go up the vines then fall off then you will probably die. I like making tree houses at the top of the forests and getting to them with vines.

There are only a couple of different food sources in the jungle. There are cookies because Cacao pods are everywhere and there are a lot of grass sprouts in between the trees. And there are a bunch of apples but those aren’t a very reliable food source because it takes you a day to get a day’s worth of food so you won’t be able to do much else.

 I think that the jungle is one of the best biomes to start out in. Because there is lots of wood and resources and sometimes they have a river running through them which is always cool. What is the biome you want to learn more about?


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