Minecraft Biomes: The Ocean

Minecraft Ocean

This is the neatest biome because there is not very much biome to it. There is a lot of water, over 3 thousand blocks across. There are a lot of little islands that are scattered around the ocean. In this post I will talk about all bodies of water like lakes and rivers as well as the ocean.

Almost any common material is found in the ocean floor and in the floors of other bodies of water. There is sand and dirt but there is also a new block. Clay is a very helpful block. When you get it out of the ground (the best tool is a shovel) you will get 4 little balls in your inventory per block. You can make bricks out of baking clay in a furnace. You can make a clay pot like a helmet (iron in the bottom middle and the middle left and right) with bricks instead of iron that you can put flowers in. Or you can put your clay in a 4 by 4 square and it will be a block that you can dye or bake to get hardened clay that is fireproof.

There isn’t very many mobs that spawn in the in the ocean but the coolest one is the squid. The squid is not mean and it can’t hurt. They will spawn in an space of water that is big enough for them so like 5 by 5 and 3 deep. If you kill a squid you will get like 3 ink sacks that are black dye and you can make a book and quill if you put a book a chicken feather and an ink sack on the crafting table. Most mobs can swim but water is deadly to any mob from the nether.

Make sure to let me know what you write in your book and quill. I wrote a short story in one once.


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