Minecraft Creativity Come To Life


Today’s post is all about one of my favorite modes, Creative it is a really neat mode because you can make anything you want. You can make a village or a town, you can make a castle or a farm, whatever you want. I normally make a creative world to test out any new redstone creations that I plan on making. Or you can use it to try out a block that you have never used before.

I will use creative to play with animals to figure out what they like best. You can use creative and survival together by enabling cheats. I suggest you make on creative world just to play around with. My worlds that I play around with normally end up getting flooded because I was playing around with a water fountain. The best thing about creative is that if you don’t like your creation you can just throw it away and you won’t run out.

On creative you will not have a crafting interface in your inventory. But instead you will have almost every item in minecraft . When you left click on blocks it will destroy them and you will not get any resources back from them. If you have one block in your hand you can place infinite blocks of that kind. And if you are crafting you can click on one block of anything with your mouse wheel and you will get the maximum stack you can get off of it in your mouse piece

If you want a flat landscape so that you have a blank canvas you can when you are making your world go to more options and click on the landscape button until it gives you flat lands.

I hope that this gets you excited to make some creative worlds.


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