Minecraft Engineering: Minecarts and Rails

Today I’m going to talk about minecarts and rails. First lets start with the minecarts the only automated way to travel in Minecraft. There are many different kinds of minecarts and rails.

The Minecarts

1) The basic minecart: The basic minecart is the basis of all other minecarts you make them by putting iron ingot in a U shape on the crafting table. The basic minecart doesn’t have anything special about it except that you can ride in it. But keep in mind that other mobs can ride in them as well, from monsters to animals.

2)The minecart with chest: This is the same recipe but put a chest and a minecart on the crafting table. The thing you use this for is carry in items. You can’t ride in it so make a minecart for you too. It is basically a chest that can go on rails.

3) The powered minecart: The crafting recipe is the same except replace the chest with a furnace. This can work as a furnace and when you put another minecart in front of it it will make the other minecart go.

4)TNT minecart: This will blow up when on an active activator  rail but doesn’t blow up the rail or the block it’s on, which is cool. You make it with a minecart and a TNT block.

Now lets talk about the rails. This is what the minecarts ride on.

The Rails

1) The normal rail: this is like the minecart. It doesn’t have any fancy things but you need it. You make it by putting iron on the sides and a stick in the middle. There is no power on these rails so you need a powered minecart or other types of rails or gravity to go at full power.

2) The Powered rail:This will make the minecart go really fast  but you have to make sure its on or it will stop the minecart completely. To make it you replace the iron with gold and the stick with redstone.

3) The Activator rail: this just makes the TNT go boom and gets you out of the minecart. You make it by putting sticks in the middle, top, and bottom of the crafting table, a redstone torch in the middle, and iron in the sides.

4) The Detector rail: This will act like a button when you ride over them. You make them with a pressure plate in the middle , a redstone in the bottom middle , and iron on the sides.

I hope you can use this to make cool inventions and epic roller coasters! Make sure you come back and let me know all the cool things you build with Minecraft minecarts and rails.


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