Minecraft Farm Animals

Farm animals

This post is all about Farm animals. I think that all of the animals are important and helpful to have around. But this is all about the most helpful animals that you should have if all possible. I suggest if you can, you find at least one of these animals.

I think that the best animal to have around is the cow. It has four different uses that make it super helpful to have around

  • You can use a cow for milk and and the milk is helpful. Because you can use it to heal you from potions and raw meat. And you can use the milk to make cakes.
  • You can use it’s leather to make books and a set of dyeable armor.
  • You can use it’s meat for eating and and you could eat it raw and follow it with a bucket of milk.
  • When you breed an animal with another and it makes a baby you will get quite a bit of experience.

I think that the second best animal is the sheep. This only has three different uses so it is not as useful as the cow but you can dye it different colors.

  • You can shear a sheep by clicking it with shears and you will get 1 to 3 pieces of wool. And you can make a bed and carpets and pictures with it.
  • You also can eat it  eat it’s meat.
  • you can also get xp from breeding sheep.

The 3rd best animal is the chicken. It only has 2 unique items that aren’t meat or xp.

  • The chicken will drop feathers when it dies. You can make arrows with them.
  • A chicken will drop an egg every minecraft day or so. Then you can make cakes or pumpkin pies

I hope that you learned the different kinds of animals that you want to have around your house.


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