Your Minecraft Insight into Pyrotechnics

your minecraft insight into Protechnics

Today I am going to teach you how to blow stuff up in Minecraft. One thing that is in common with all manner of blowing stuff up is that you need gunpowder. The best way to get gunpowder is to kill creepers but you can also get them from chests that are spawned in villages or abandoned mineshafts. I like to use a bow and arrow to kill creepers because if you are near creepers for too long they will explode and that can kill you.

There are 2 different kinds of stuff I am going to talk about the first one is Fire works. These are really cool and they are very customizable which is helpful. Because then you can make an unique firework for yourself. First you need to make a firework star by putting any dye on the crafting table with a piece of gunpowder. Next you make a firework by putting your firework star, a piece of paper, and a piece of gunpowder on the crafting table. Just set one of these babies on the ground and then you will see a beautiful firework display in the sky.

The second kind is TNT. This is a fave weapon of Nerdster in traps but I don’t use it that much. TNT is basically the best way to blow up anyone and you can hook it up to a button to set it off so you can get away first. The way to make TNT is gunpowder in the top left and right, middle middle, and the bottom left and right of the crafting table and sand everywhere else. 

I hope that this helps add fun to your Minecraft parties and a cool way to get rid of any gate crashers. Let me know what else you guys would like to learn about.


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