Minecraft Items That You Have Never Seen Before

taken out

This is a post about items that have been taken out of Minecraft. There is a lot of things that used to be in Minecraft but the makers decided to take them out in a later version. I think it is interesting to take a look back at what used to be. 

Killer Bunnies.

These were in the game but they took them out. They were white with red eyes and they would jump out at you and could hurt if they touched you. They will not be tamed and will not breed and used to spawn once  and awhile when you bred rabbits and didn’t spawn in the wild.

Horse Saddles.

These are still in Minecraft but they used to be able to be crafted. In version 1.6.1 you could craft it with leather in the top row and middle left and right and iron in the middle middle and the bottom left and right.

The Far lands.

These used to be at the end of Minecraft and there would be lots glitches and mirages These were deleted in 1.8

Beast Boy,Black Steve,Steve and Rana.

These were mobs that wandered around the Minecraft Overworld. When you kill them you will  get some minor stuff like sugar and coal and some cooler stuff will come from Rana but she also has more health.


These are like zombie and have the original Steve skin. They walk around aimlessly  and will run into Players to hurt them. If they die they don’t drop anything.


These were going to be villagers but that never happened.


These used to be the only flower in Minecraft other than the dandelion but was taken out in 1.8

I hope that you learn some more about the history of minecraft with this post. Please let me know any thing you want to know more about it minecraft.


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