Minecraft Monster Master


This post is going to tell you all the base monsters in Minecraft in the overworld but not go into a ton of details. Most monsters are only in the night time and all only spawn in the night. First I am going to talk about the originals but there are a lot of variations that have been made like chicken jockeys.

Witch: These are kind of new and are really fun but watch out because they will throw potions at you if you get near and they can survive in the daylight.

Zombie: These are one of the main monsters of Minecraft because it is so iconic. They can’t live in the sun but there are lots of them at night

Spider: These are passive in day unless you are close to them put can climb up walls but not under walls.

Creeper: This is often seen as the mascot of Minecraft and is easy to avoid if you know what you are doing. They are really slow but can survive in the daylight and will blow up if they are to close to you for more than a few seconds.

Guardian: I don’t have any experience with these myself but they guard the ocean monument and can only survive under water.

Silverfish: These are neat little creatures that pop out of blocks in strongholds and they can lay eggs in cobblestone blocks.

Skeleton: These are one of the most common monsters that are out at night. They burn up in the sun and have long range weapons. (special hint get a skeleton to shoot a creeper then make sure the creeper dies and doesn’t blow up you will get a special item)

Slime: These are often found in swamps and split the first time you hit them into 4 then those split into 2 each. If they touch you they will hurt you and can be in the sun. 

I hope that this gives you a better understanding of the monsters of the overworld. Please put in the comments anything you want to learn about minecraft. 



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