Minecraft Mules and Donkeys

Donkeys and mules

This is post is to build on what I put in my horse post so if you haven’t read it don’t worry I’ll wait. You done? If so then you are going to love this one. donkey can spawn anywhere a horse can but you will never find natural mules. Because they are a donkey and a horse bred together and it cannot be bred in Minecraft or in real life, it is the only animal like that.

A Donkey is a lot like a horse in compared to the foods they eat and how to tame them but doesn’t look much like a horse. They all look the same unlike horses which can be all different shapes. They are always gray and have long ears. They are all ways a lot shorter than horses. There is one thing that is different in with a donkey is that it’s got a full inventory. You can put in 30 different stacks of items in there once it is tamed and then you can haul twice as much stuff to wherever you are going. 

In creative you only have one mob spawner for the 3 different mobs; donkeys, mules and horses. So you just have to keep spawning different horses to get a donkey or a mule. And you will get them of all ages but don’t worry a foal ,which is a baby horse, takes only 20 minutes for birth to be an adult. But you can’t tame foals till they grow up.

A Mule isn’t used much in Minecraft but it is worth noting any way. You can breed a horse and a donkey together to get one. There isn’t really a difference between a horse and a mule but they are a sciencentifice marvel.

I hope that this helps you get more into donkeys and mules.


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