The Minecraft Nether, The Freaky Dimesion


The Nether

The Minecraft Nether is the monster dimension. Some people describe it as  Minecraft’s hell but once you get to know it you can have fun there like any other place.There is a lot of flames and lava and every thing is invincible to flames. First lets start with looking at  how to get there. 

Getting to The Nether

1)First you need obsidian. You need lava and a diamond pickaxes. pour water over the lava which will turn it into obsidian. then just dig out the obsidian with your diamond pickaxes.

2) Build the frame. You need 16 to 20 pieces of obsidian to make the frame of the portal. you can put cobble stone in the corners. Put 4 blocks of Obsidian on the top and bottom and 5 on the side.

3)Put a fire with a lighter in the frame and step through and you will be in The Nether. But keep in mind that mobs can come through from  both sides.

Now lets look at a the unique stuff in the Nether!

The Stuff of the Nether

1) Netherrack: Netherrack is the dirt of the Nether it can conduct fire forever and is blast proof.

2)Nether Quartz: Nether Quartz is used for daylight sensors and blocks like pillars and white blocks.

3) Nether brick: Nether brick is found in the Nether Fortress and you can make it (Smelt Netherrack then put it in the crafting table in the same way as a crafting table) and will make Nether brick fence and stairs in the same way as regular items.

4) Nether wart: Nether wart is found in the Nether fortress and is used for potions. It grows on soul sand.

5) Soul sand: Soul sand makes you slower which is good for traps and if you put it in front of door and you can’t go in that way but you can go in. 

6)Nether Fortress: The Nether Fortress is the only structure in the Nether. You can find chests full of rare items but there are monster spawners near any chest. Now lets look at the monsters.

The Monsters of the Nether

1)The Zombie pig-men: The Zombie pig-men are the only mobs in the Nether that don’t start hostile but if you hit one they will all attack you and they won’t stop trying to kill you for days. Their drops are all rotten flesh and gold stuff like nuggets and swords.

2) Blazes: Blazes are really hard to beat. Blazes throw fire balls and if you touch them you will be on fire. But the Blaze will be hurt a lot by snow and water. They drop Blaze powder and rods that can be used for potions.

3) Magma cubes: Magma cubes are rare but if you find one you will find lots of them. They jump around a lot and won’t be hurt by falls. When you hit them  they become  a bunch of smaller ones 2 times. You get magma cream which is used in potions.

4)Ghasts: Ghasts are big floating mobs that shot fire balls.And you can hit the fire balls back at the Ghast which gets you an achievement  You can use a fishing rod to reel in the ghasts. you get ghast tears that can be used for potions.

Now that you know ever thing about the Nether  go out there and have fun. What have you done with the Nether?

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