The Minecraft School of Architecture: Class one

Minecraft Architecture

This is a new mini series on buildings on Minecraft. There are lots of different styles. Like NerdoDark likes to just make whatever fits his needs. While I like to make buildings that are styled just so and fit my needs to the style. I like to make everything symmetrical and perfectly aligned and NerdoDark makes buildings to suit the purpose of whatever fits and what ever works.

To start a building my way, first you need to have some idea of what it should look like. If you want it to have windows or a back door, If you want it to be able to mine from it or not or if there will be a possibility for you to keep going up and making more floors. Like my latest project is a big hotel but I am not putting a fancy roof on it because then I am going to keep making it go higher and higher so that it touches the sky. 

When NerdoDark makes a building it always has a purpose unless it is a thing from a show or game. Like NerdoDark won’t build a bunch of different houses all at once. He will make one house and use it as much as possible then make another one. He doesn’t care about dimensions  of the space unless it is too small to do what he wants which is cool. Unless you’re me and you want to find a way through all his stuff. But he also makes things that have no use at all but the sure are cool. Like he has made the great Deku tree and a ghost house from Mario.

I hope that this post helps you figure out what kind of houses you like to build.


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