Minecraft Underground Structures


These are the neatest things because they spawn in the world you don’t have to build them like villages. And I am to tell you all about the underground mine shafts and dungeons. The main one that I have talked about is the village if you want to learn more about it click here

The mine shaft is my favorite structure other than the village and the one I am most familiar with of the underground structures. This is a very dangerous place because the monsters love it.  There are cobwebs everywhere that will make you slow if you are touching them and they can be knocked down with a sword and give you tons of string. One time I went into a mineshaft and I brought back two 64s of string. There are pieces of  rail on the floor every where so if you raid a mine shaft you might be able to make a rollercoaster. And there are chests that are scattered around that have various valuable and or rare items

The first underground structure that I ever saw was  is the dungeon. That is the best place to find mossy cobblestone that is my favorite block for  gardens and trimmings and decorations. There is always monster spawner in the middle of the room that can get pretty annoying. Once you take care of the spawner there are 2 chests that have the same kind of stuff as the mine shaft. One way to find them is to go into the desert and find a square 20 by 20 that is sunk deeper than everywhere else.

I hope that you  are ready to brave the terrifying underground mineshafts. Or to go looking in the desert for the fabulous dungeon. Let me know your scary escapes in the underground world of minecraft.


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