Minecraft’s Strange ones

Minecraft's strange ones

This post is all about lesser known monsters. These are monsters that you might not have seen before because they are pretty rare, The one that I have seen the most is the spider jockey but there are quite a few of them. And I will share my knowledge with you.

The Spider Jockey is only found in the Overworld and it is not found often. At the most you only find one a night over all of a world. A Spider Jockey is a Skeleton sitting on a Spider.  A Spider Jockey is a very formidable enemies to face because the Skeleton will shoot at you and the Spider will climb up walls at you. To make them even worse they have the health of a Spider and a Skeleton combined. And a Spider Jockey won’t burn up in the sun because of the Spiders immunity to the sun.

The Chicken Jockey I have only seen once but it looks pretty funny when you see it. You can have a baby zombie or a pig man on your chicken zombie. The chicken will run through 1 block high areas but if the block above them isn’t translucent the zombie will suffocate. The chicken will make it so that they won’t get fall damage. The chicken will not lay eggs. The chicken will follow seeds but can’t eat them. The Chicken Jockey can equip items and pick them up.

There is a Skeleton horse and a Zombie horse that are almost the same as a horse but with a couple key differences. When you touch them you will get hurt and you can’t tame them.

I hope that this post has helped you learn what to do when you encounter one of Minecraft’s strange ones. Let me know what you want to learn next in the comments.


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