Monday Mingle: All About Food!

It has been a while since I participated Monday Mingle and I have missed it so! Since it is all about food I thought I would post it here!

3 thoughts on “Monday Mingle: All About Food!”

  1. I am famous for my baked goods and now Prime Rib with all the fixings at Christmas. I think I will be making Christmas dinner for the rest of my life now!

  2. I love how bubbly you are.
    I completely agree with you about the bread… and the brie, I can make a meal out of just those two things.
    I think your chicken pasta bake sounds heavenly.
    Hope you are enjoying your week and you that where you are isn’t covered too deeply in snow and ice.

  3. I really enjoyed your vlog! I made my first one this week over at Notes From the Cookie Jar. Being a food blogger too, I could relate to a lot that you are saying.

    Come to my house and there is ALWAYS cookies. LOL!

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