Movie Review: Hidden Secrets

I recently received an opportunity to preview the new movie Hidden Secrets from Active Christian Media. This movie will come out in theaters April 30th. I enjoyed this movie. It is a positive story dealing with situations we have all seen or directly dealt with ourselves, regardless of our faith. With stars like John Schneider, David A.R. White, Tracy Melchior, Corin Nemec and Staci Keanan the acting was very good. Unlike many Christian films, the production value was excellent. David A.R. White and friends once again (also wrote SIX) did a great writing job with the script. If I knew nothing else but the writers I would have gone just for that. Frankly, I don’t want to say to much because I don’t want to ruin it for you but it deals with issues like abortion, purity, homosexuality, judgementalism, love, and friendship. When watching the movie I repeatedly thought that this would be a great book. There is of course a but. While it is a good movie, it is a little more like a TV movie than a big theater movie. I can’t put my finger on why but when the movie was over it was “that was good” but not that wow moment. NerdDad and I are in full agreement that it is a good date movie. On the whole, if you are looking at going to the movies, I would definitely recommend it. Go out and support a positive film and then come back and let me know what you thought. (I received this movie for the sole purpose of reviewing it from ACM)

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