My Daughter Does Not Have Bieber Fever

Aah, the insight holiday specials give us about our children!

So I was snuggled in with the Nerdlings watching the Michael Buble Christmas Special and on comes Justin Bieber. So these girls start screaming on the show to the point that they are crying. So NerdPie asks why these girls are so worked up over silly Justin Bieber. I tell her that they’re very excited to see this singer that they all think it’s cute and wonderful. She shook her head in disbelief. She says plainly,”They’re freaking out over some person they don’t even know!” So I asked her who she would get excited and freak about seeing. She looks me straight in the face and says plainly, “My dead grandfather.” So I ask which one and she said either of them. We went on to talk about why we both think that this reaction to stars is silly.

Is it wrong to say how proud I am of my 8-year-old little girl that she has not bought in to all this craziness over pop stars. Is this due to the homeschooling or the extreme nerdiness? Either way it’s a win.

4 thoughts on “My Daughter Does Not Have Bieber Fever”

  1. Oh, I had to giggle! We visited Gran and Oupa for Christmas and also watched this show. My 11-year-old was also amazed that “such old teenagers should be so silly over such a young boy” and all Gran could say was, “His pants are falling off!” and we all laughed till we were dizzy!

    I, too, was silently grateful that we are so “out of the mad celebrity loop” that we hardly know what is happening in star’s lives. We have had to intentional about this though. We basically told our children not to browse and read the slander magazines when we’re at the shops and we do not have TV at home. Yay! We’re free of the Bieber Fever too!

  2. I hear you. My kids couldn’t even name you one song by that overhyped, wanna be. however, I do admit that they could both probably name every single song and most of the lyrics by Lady Atebellum. Lol

  3. My 12-year-old daughter reacts the same way. She doesn’t understand the celebrity adoration either.

    It does make it hard for her to connect to other girls sometimes, though.

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