Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam Slippers Review and Giveaway

Mommy Slippers and Monkey Slippers
Mommy Slippers and Monkey Slippers

I recently got my hands on a pair of Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam Slippers to review! I have been looking for great slippers for a while but have met failure after failure. I make be at home but I am working from home and needed slippers that could support me in my ventures! I think I have found them.

First things first, just because I am at home doesn’t mean I am just sitting around! I need foot support and that is 1 thing most slippers seem to be missing. They are either flat or fluff but usually slippers seem to be missing any form of support. But not the Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam Slippers. They have the memory foam core so it adapts to your feet and gives them great support all along the foot. So I can wash dishes, cook, do laundry, whatever and not have aching feet. This is a big deal for me because if your feet hurt, it can trash a productive day. But because it is memory foam, it gibes you that luxurious floating, squishy feeling that scream comfy slippers!

The next thing is durability! I need to be able to run outside. No, I am not wearing slippers grocery shopping. But I have 4 kids that I homeschool, can you even imagine how many I get called outside to see things by my kids;). I also don’t want to have to stop to put on shoes just to grab the mail or get something out my garage. My kids seem to get a little water on the floor every time they empty the dishwasher. But hey, at least they are emptying the dishwasher! I really don’t want wet feet or to stand in their way!

It is a little thing but it is integral to me! I don’t want to worry about them getting stained or wet on the bottom. So I love the fact that these slippers have a very durable sole that comes up an inch around the sides of the slippers. It means that you don’t have to worry about a little water that splashes on the kitchen floor.

My final analysis is… I love the Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam Slippers and I highly recomend them! They would be a great item to buy for yourself or a gift. But you could also win a pair here!

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(Disclosure: I received a pair of Nature’s Sleep Slippers to review. All thoughts are mine and mine alone.)

10 thoughts on “Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam Slippers Review and Giveaway”

  1. I’ve been looking for a nice comfortable pair of slippers & these would be nice to try out. The memory foam sounds like it would be super comfortable.

  2. I have terrible foot pain in both feet. Horrible arthritis in both feet, which I’ve known about for years, could probably be in Guiness Book for WORST BUNIONS!

  3. these look great – always looking for the new best slippers. Love that you mentioned durability – I often run out to the mailbox or such in slippers too!

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