How To Nerd Out Your Minecraft Fortress

how to nerd out your minecraf fortress

This is a post all about how to decorate your sweet Minecraft fortress. I suggest you get pretty far into the game before you start thinking about decorating. Because a lot of decorating tips can use a lot of resources. Make sure you have a big enough place to finish your decorations before you start.

The Library

I think that every place should have a good library or else you will have nothing to do. And a library is useful because if you want to enchant anything you will need a library(to learn more about enchanting click here). But I think you should have a bigger library than just what is necessary to enchant items because that isn’t enough room for books. And you can make some really cool libraries if you have enough space.

A Few Flowers

What do you see in every magazine about home decor. Flowers. I like using flowers in my designs because they are easy. I once just covered a roof  in flowers and the impact was huge. The best way to display flowers in your home is a flower pot. A flower pot is a piece of clay in the bottom middle and in the middle left and right in the crafting table. Then you can just stick in a flower to match the design and you are good to go.

A Picture

This is one of the best items to use if you don’t want to spend a ton of time on your decor it will go on any wall and looks really pretty with any color. To make a picture put a piece of wool in the center and sticks in every other spot on the crafting table. When you place it there will be a random picture on it. if you don’t like the picture that you can take it off and put it back on and you will get a different one.

I hope this helps you when you want to redo your Minecraft home.


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