Nerdpie’s Guide To Minecraft: The First Night


This post is for all you noobs out there that are just booting up Minecraft and realize you don’t know what you am doing. For all of you seasoned Minecrafters stick around you might learn something. I realize most people aren’t familiar with the way that you move around in Minecraft. The W key is move forward. The E key is your inventory and the mouse moves the camera. You will right click on things to break them and left click on things to use them.

The first thing you are going to want to do is find shelter. Suggest for super noobs you should hid a cave. There are  lot of different cves you could hide in. In some worlds there are caves that are perfect for people to hid in. You need to make sure you have a light source in where ever you take shelter. Because monsters will spawn wherever there is no light. And normally you don’t want to fight monsters on your first night.

 The next thing you need to do is find wood. You need to dig a bunch of trees out with your fist so you have logs. Once you have logs you can start to crafting items. The first thing you should make is a crafting table. Open up your inventory then put a log in to the table with 4 squares. That is called the crafting interface and you will use it to make different items. The box that is to the side should have planks in them take them out and fill every hole in the crafting interface with planks and you will get a crafting table. Now you can craft all kinds of things. To learn more about what you can craft click here

I hope that this helps you learn how to start playing Minecraft.


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