Nether Beasts in Minecraft


Okay so I know that I have already done a post on the Nether but the monsters are just so cool that I have to tell you all the cool things about them.In my first post I told you about the common types but there is a lot more than just that. Here I am going in to the most hard core ones. I  am going to warn you I will assume that you have read The Minecraft Nether, The Freaky Dimension, if not be sure to see it.  So there is one thing that all Nether monsters have, fire resistances. Because they live in the Nether and it is full of lava and fire and all that weird stuff so all are fireproof and a lot use fire as a weapon.

1)Baby ZombiePigMan:  Okay so I am not sure if I have gone over this but zombies come in a smaller form called baby zombies. They are basically the same but they have less attack damage and less health and they are faster than regular ones.

2)Wither Skeleton: These are a bit more unique but based on the normal skeleton. These are only found in the Nether fortress near spawners or treasure but they can be all over the the fortress. They are Taller and gray and that is the major difference from a normal skelly.

3)Ghasts: Here is a cool fact ghasts sound like a wailing cat.Ghasts are the only flying monster or anything in the Nether Ghasts drop up to five gunpowder and sometimes a Ghast tear when killed even if it’s because of a random cause but only drops experience when killed by the player.

4)Blaze: This is one of the monsters that uses fire as it’s weapon. A Blaze can be described as a swirling ball of fire with a face which throws fireballs as you get closer. Spooky! Right so scary but they are hurt by water or sn ow balls so you could make a snow golem but it will melt kind of quick.

5)Magma Cube: This moves like a slinkys and look like the Nether you guessed it it’s the Magma Cube it looks like a mix of slimes and dark colors. These jump at you and hurt you on contact. When you kill the big one it splits into small ones then in to smallest ones.

So now you can battle any Nether monster you want tell me your fave.          


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