My new everything! Yoga 900 by Lenovo


I just realized this week that I never posted my video about my new Lenovo Yoga 900! Lenovo sent me this computer as a bit of an early Christmas present and it rocks. This is a mighty little machine! It is a convertible laptop like the previous Yogas. I think at this point a convertible laptop is a necessity.

The tablet is great as a standard tablet. But the Yoga 900 in tablet mode is even better because of the WriteIt app. I can write directly into standard computer programs. It is really awesome for jotting down note, writing pieces, and tweeting on the go.

Not only is the Yoga 900 gorgeous and travels well but it is my everything machine. I am even typing this on my 2nd monitor I have hooked up to it. It is a workhorse with lots of RAM and a great SSD. I have been using it now for a few months and highly recommend it to all. 

Here is where you all can grab 1 for yourself:



(Disclosure: Lenovo gave my the Yoga 900 and case as part of the Lenovo Insiders group. All opinions are mine alone!)

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