Next Food Network Star (6/21)

Will Teddy’s being a jerk to Melissa last week bite him in the tush? Will he be the next to go? I am interested in what this week has to offer!

So we start by the contestants meeting Tyler Florence at the grocery star. They have to shop on a budget. They have $60 for a 12 person dinner party. They have to also stop by to do a 30 second tip piece for shopping on a budget. Teddy finds the budget thing a challenge. When he came to film his tip Tyler told him that he was cartoonish. Melissa thinks she will do the best with a budget since she feeds her family every night. We will see how it will actually pan out. Jamika kept blinking and she told people to reuse marinades so she is going down. Katie started with a bad tip but she ended up really doing a good job. It was shocking how well she did. Jeffrey was $12 under budget, I think that may have been to much cutting. Jeffrey won the tip challenge.

Elimination Challenge:
Now they have to cook the 12 person dinner using what they bought for the elimination challenge. So they head out to the Hampton’s to cook. Of course they are delivered to Ina Garten’s house. They have to make dinner for Ina, her friends and the celection committee. Then they are told that they will be in teams of 2. Jeffrey got to pick his own teammate as a reward for winning the tip challenge. They have to make a appetizer, entree and dessert. Each team member was responsible for 1 course and then they were to collaborate on the last. They are cooking 2 teams at a time. They have an hour to cook and 2 minutes to present.

First up at Debby and Teddy along with Eddie and Melissa. Debby is wary of Teddy since he threw Melissa under the bus last week and Eddie is afraid that Melissa doesn’t have the cooking chops. Things seem to start well with Debby and Teddy because they are working well together. But Teddy didn’t have a plan for the dessert. 5 minutes until they are supposed to be done and Teddy is just throwing his dessert together. Melissa and Eddie are really working separately. But when they work together Eddie isn’t being very nice. Eddie seemed a little short in his presentation and a bit dismissive to Melissa. Melissa’s chicken was bland but Eddie’s salad was totally overpowered by onion. Debby presented calmly and it seemed to mellow Teddy out more than usual. I think Teddy may get slammed for his dish just being an assembly. The judges liked the appetizer and the meatloaf but the dessert tasted store bought.

Teddy & Debby: (D)Vegetable Linguine with an Asian Marinara, (C)Meatloaf with a Peach and Apricot Sauce, (T)Strawberry Shortcake Trifle
Eddie & Melissa: (E)Sweet Onions and Watermelon Salad, (M)Lemon Thyme Chicken, (C)Bananas Foster Nutella Quesadilla

Then it was the next 2 teams turn. Jamika is using a store bought marinade so she added a few things. She says that she doesn’t have enough salmon to keep tasting it. Jeffrey thinks the soup isn’t spicy enough so he added some of the Red Chili seeds back into it. Michael cuts himself and just feels off. Jeffrey did well with his presentation and then helped Michael with his. Michael seemed off. The judges liked the soup but it still seemed a little mild. The judges also liked Michael’s main but I didn’t hear anything one way or the other about Jeffrey’s crepes. Jamika seemed smooth in her presentation and Katie still did a bit of education but did better. The judges thought that the dishes didn’t go together at all.

Katie & Jamika: (J)Salmon w/Seaweed and Pepper Slaw, (K)Whole Wheat Pasta with Chicken Sausage and Broccolini, (C)Fruit Salad with Grilled Pineapple
Jeffrey & Michael: (C)Roasted Tomato and Red Chili Soup, (M)Pesto Rubbed Grilled Chicken and Broccoli Rabe, (J)Chocolate Filled Crepe

They dinged Jamika and Katie for not having their food more cohesive. They really liked Jamika’s dish but Katie’s was just ok. They told Katie to stop educating again. They thought that Jeffrey and Michael’s plate looked great. The soup was to mild. They also didn’t like that they heard the same story about Jeffrey and his daughter with the crepes. They liked Michael’s food but his presentation seemed lost. They thought that it was clear that Melissa and Eddie weren’t working together. Melissa said that there was tension. Bobby said that he saw the tape of them cooking together and saw Eddie rolling his eyes. Bobby told him that a little chivalry goes a long way in the kitchen. They thought the chicken looked good but could use some more flavor. Then they turned to Eddie’s salad. Bobby said that the onion was over powering and it seemed to be something Eddie had done before. Eddie then said he got it out of a Paula Deen cookbook. Whoa! It is one thing to base something off a recipe you have heard but to put your twist on it but… They are looking for something original. They liked Debby’s presentation and the food. They thought that Teddy’s dessert was a disaster. Then Teddy claimed the meatloaf as his dish. He did it again!!! Debby made the sauce and flavored the meatloaf. Bobby doesn’t like the way things are going with Teddy’s lack of responsibility. I think this has to make Melissa feel a little better because it wasn’t her.

Jeffrey and Michael won. That wasn’t shocking at all. The bottom 2 were Teddy and Eddie. Eddie said he should stay because of integrity and Teddy said he has the cooking chops. I think who ever doesn’t go this week will go next week. Eddie was in the bottom last week too. Eddie was the finalist sent home. I think Teddy will go next week because he proved that he has a lack of integrity.

While I think I know who will be kicked out next week. But I have no idea who will exceed. See you next week to see if I am at least right about Teddy getting kicked off!

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