Next Food Network Star 6/8/08

So, let me start off by saying that I love the fact I can watch this with all my kids (versus the other food reality shows I watch).

I am not going to be doing a deep review but just sharing my observations. Like who would have ever thought that Lisa would be ready to leave before Nipa. Lisa did earn some props from me for that.

In our 3 teams going out for ingredients, if just shows that degrees doesn’t always mean the most wisdom. The Grey team made up of Adam, Jennifer, and Aaron seemed to kick the other teams butts. Now when the Grey team went to the cooking, I think they fell apart. No one seemed to agree to what they were making or how. Individually, I think that Adam made almost raw eggs. I think the idea of a gooey egg was good but not done well.

I think that Nipa was careless on planning for her lamb to be so spicy that the diners had to be warned. I think that Lisa did a good job with redirecting her culinary perspective. Unfortunately Shane flopped a bit with his presentation.

Duck salad? Kelsey could really be getting herself into trouble. Kevin screwed up his team members by not only not bringing the oil but taking out the oil Kelsey put in the box. I think this could spell the end for him. I also don’t see how the crostini is romantic. That team came up with really uneven plates and I think that will bite them in the tush.

The judges really are going to hold Kevin’s feet to the fire on the romance aspect and how it doesn’t fit. Lisa made it clear that the lack of cohesion was due to Nipa’s refusal to do any kind of fusion. When Nipa was asked if she was enthusiastic about this competition by Bobby Flay and she said she wasn’t sure. She started to tear up and walked off. She said she left so she wouldn’t be crying and because she had to think and make a decision. She came back and said that she wanted to be there to bring her heritage.

In the end Lisa and Aaron won the spread in USA Weekend and Kevin was out. On one hand I think that Nipa should have been bounced but she seems to have a little potential but they have seen Kevin’s potential and it just isn’t that impressive. Now I don’t think that Nipa is going to make it to the end but we will see.

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