Next Food Network Star (7/26)

So we are almost at the end! Who is going to win? I am pulling for Melissa but we will see! NerdPie is also pulling for Melissa. Will Jeffrey perk it up? Will Debby quit making excuses? Will Melissa contain her energy? Let’s take a look!

So Emeril Lagasse pops up when they finalists enter their restaurant. They are doing a challenge based on Julie and Julia. They each will be creating a 3 course meal for a dinner party with the “culinary elite” of 20. They get $1000 and a sous chef. They will have to demo some portion of the meal live. Before they do anything, they went and watched the movie.
Melissa- 1st: Potato Torte with Ratatouille, 2nd: Brick Herb Chicken with a Mushroom Port Sauce with Orzo, 3rd: Cheese Trio with a Pochette
Debby- 1st: Chili Rubbed BBQ Shrimp with a Savory Corn Salad, 2nd: Braised Korean Short Rib on a Garlic Grit Cake, 3rd: Asian Pear Egg Roll
Jeffrey- 1st: Seared Scallops with Green Chili Chutney and Chipotle Cream, 2nd: Seafood Risotto, 3rd: Chocolate Mousse with Biscotti
Jeffrey only spent $317 but he didn’t go back to get anything else. They go to a home on Miami Beach to cook. They got to see all the names on the name cards and they are really cooking for many of the best. Of course the sous chef are past contestants. Michael is cooking with Debby, Katie with Jeffrey and Jamika with Melissa. While watching Melissa making a potato tort and puts bacon on top, I (and NerdDad) are convinced that I need to try that! Michael (and I ) both think that Debby’s ribs may not be done all the way by service. Melissa was having problems with her food. Jamika over salted the orzo and the potato tarts weren’t cooking.
In the presentation Melissa started to talk about her childhood and talked about her mom killing herself. Over all it was a sweet presentation but I don’t know about talking about suicide. Bobby said he was seeing a different Melissa and she said the other was her nerves. The ratatoullie went over well. Melissa demos her brick chicken with the main course. Some of the chickens were over cooked but the tort was a success. Her dessert was a big hint. John Besch loved the ratatoulle, the tort, and the dessert pastry.
Debby comes out for her presentation. Her appeitizer with pretty. Tyler Florence felt this the appeitizer wasn’t original. Gina Neely felt the ribs were missing something. The dessert is the course that Debby does the demo. Her demo was good. Her dessert was dinged by at least Samuelson’s being a little raw.
Then onto Jeffrey. Jeffrey is planning on under cooking the risotto so it doesn’t congeal before the guests get it. Jeffrey does his demo right off with his scallop appeitizer. His demo was smooth and the course seemed to go well. Then out comes the risotto. No one seemed happy as they were eating it while he was presenting. Payard said it was the worse risotto in his life. He got some great comments regarding his dessert. Bobby did ask how much he spent.
Morimoto and John Besch liked Debby. Anne Burell liked Jeffrey’s demo the best. Samuelson, Emeril, and Bayless seemed to like Melissa. Before we head into judging and elimination, my predictions are Debby and Melissa as the final 2!
Bob said that Melissa pouchette was the best dish of the night. Payard said is was a great pastry. Bobby wanted more in the demo but Melissa got nervous. Bob thought there was diamonds in to much verbage. Then onto Jeffrey. Bob thought his demo was flawless. He got hit pretty hard about not spending enough money. They said he is a good cook and charismatic but not sure if he is a star. Then it is Debby’s turn. Bobby had issues with her food. He wanted more flavor and the egg rolls weren’t all cooked through. Bob said the food was hit and miss. Bobby feels he hasn’t tasted Seoul to Soul. Then they got a shot to say what was on their minds before a decision is made. I personally think that Melissa made the best plea. But I have to say, this is the first season that I can see watching all 3 but my favorites are Melissa and Jeffrey. But I think they are going to choose Melissa and Debby.
The final 2 are Melissa and Jeffrey!!! I would watch both of these shows! Next time we will get some AB!! (Alton Brown) The finalists are going to final shoot some pilots! See you next week!

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