Non Candy Valentines

valentineswithoutcandyValentine’s Day and kids, you don’t even have to mention the candy to know it is there. Many kids want to give there friends something special but that doesn’t mean you have to hand out candy! There are some great, fun alternatives out there. I found a few fun ideas for this year!

1. You Rule rulers: Pick up some cheap rulers. Then print out the You Rule PDF. Then cut out the strips and tape them around the ruler.

2. You Make My Heart Bounce bouncy balls: You can pick up a ton of bouncy balls either at the Dollar Store or in the favors area of any party store (or store section;). There is a pdf and directions over at The Crafty Chicks.

3. You Make My Heart Glow: What kid doesn’t like glow sticks/ bracelets? Mine love them!!! I saw a tip that you don’t actually put the bracelets in the strips of paper until the morning of just in case it cracks and activates. Then it will be glowing that night still. The PDF is over at Kommunicated!

4. You Make My Heart Race: You can go out to the Dollar Tree and you can pick up little cars for a steal! Paloma Paper Designs has a great PDF ready for you!

5. You Are a Cutie: While this is a sweet treat, it isn’t candy! You can pick up 5 lbs of Clementines (or Cuties) for less than $5. Then just plop them in the cellophane bag. Cut and staple my You Are a Cutie to the top and they are done.

5 thoughts on “Non Candy Valentines”

  1. I love these ideas so much more than candy. It seems as though the kids get overloaded with so much candy on certain holidays, it’s crazy! I will be the mom handing out alternatives other than candy. LOL

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