Now We Find Out What Ford Really Thought

I have to say that I have always understood the fine tight rope that former Presidents are forced to walk. They never enjoyed open criticism when they were President yet I am sure that they have plenty to say about the numbskulls that later occupied the White House. Well, Gerald Ford found a great way to handle it. He did a series of tapes with Daily News Washington Bureau Chief Thomas M. DeFrank in order for DeFrank to write Write it When I’m Gone. So far we have found out that Ford thought Bill Clinton was a sex addict and Hillary wore the pants in the family. I think this will not only by anecdotally interesting but we might get more insight into what drove Ford and what really happened in this situations that we are all curious about. Such as,

After the House voted to impeach Clinton but before the Senate’s decision on whether to convict him, the sitting President phoned the ex-President.

“He said he needed my help and wanted to know if I could help,” Ford recalled not long after.

Ford had written two Op-Ed pieces in which he called for Clinton to admit he had lied to federal investigators in exchange for censure over impeachment.

He told Clinton that he would help him, if he agreed to such a deal.

“Bill I think you have to admit that you lied. If you do that, I think that will help – and I’ll help you. If you’ll admit to perjury, I’ll do more,” he said.

“I won’t do that,” Clinton told him. “I can’t do that.”

Let me just declare now, I want this book! If there is a publisher out there who would like me to review this book over here, please just mail me a copy;). I have a request in at the library already (I am #6 and they don’t have it yet) so when I read it I am sure you guys will get to hear about it. But if you read it first Share!

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