Nutcracker and The Four Realms

I was so excited to get to go to a preview with my mom and see this movie because I have been a fan of the Nutcracker ever since I was little. We would watch it every year before Christmas. And this movie exceeds my expectations very well. It was neither cheesy nor overdone and it was amazing. My only problem was that there was not enough dancing or Misty Copeland but other than that it was incredible.

The great thing about this movie is home it took its inspiration from the different originals. The realms are inspired by the tour of the fairyland that Clara takes with her prince. They did a good job of the picking and choosing what should go into it and what should be left out.

I think that the music was my favorite part. They stuck to the music score we all know and love and set it to a whirlwind of different scenes. They had a Ballet with the starring role played by Misty Copeland that was exquisite and of course, it was set to the original music but the truly incredible part is the way that they added the music to almost every scene without making it seem forced, it was truly a work of art.

I have already been asked by others “Was it scary?” and “Would you say that children can see it?” and I would say that it was just a touch scary but no more so than the original. I know that I used to be scared of the scene where Clara faces the Mouse King and it would frighten me but then I would always laugh when Clara would hit the Mouse King with her shoe.

This is definitely going to be added to our watch list for Christmases to come. I am very excited to show the rest of my family this movie. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone whether they are huge fans of the Nutcracker or have never seen it. This movie has that something special for everyone. Once you have seen it let me know down in the comments how you liked it and what your favorite part was.



(Disclosure: I watched the movie courtesy of Disney but all opinions and thoughts are mine.)

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