One Day $150 Staples Giveaway!!!

It is Back to School season! Which means that it is time to get great tech at great prices! Back to School is the time to get the best prices on computers for the whole year. These prices tend to be better than even Christmas sales! And if you are going to be shopping you need to explore Ebates who is sponsoring this giveaway!

Ebates is a shopping portal. That means when you want to shop you just go to the store’s website by clicking on the link on the Ebates website! For that you get a % back in cash even if you use coupons! Ebates gives you a bonus gift card or money when you make your first purchase! (Sign up through my link and help a girl out;) But onto the giveaway!

Ebates is sponsoring a 1 day giveaway to celebrate Back to School! That giveaway is a $150 gift card for Staples! It is a great place to get all stocked up for school and the fall! And I have lots of opportunities for you to win!

Mandatory Entry: Leave a comment telling me what your favorite back to school supply is! Pens, Calculators, Folders?

Additional Entries: Make sure that you leave me a separate comment for each thing you do!

So what are you still doing reading? Start commenting because this giveaway closes at 7am pst on August 19th. The winner will have 24 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.
I didn’t receive any compensation for this giveaway. The prize was provided by Ebates! So go show them some support!

229 thoughts on “One Day $150 Staples Giveaway!!!”

  1. Hmmm, favorite back to school supply? I think maybe those funky composition books my kids always need. I really love the ones with neat designs but they are so expensive!


    adhoffmaster at yahoo dot com

  2. I enjoy the notebooks. There’s just something about opening up a fresh notebook to start writing in. Ahhh….

  3. My favorite back to school supply is a journal, cause you can write about your experiences and lessons learned 🙂

  4. My favourite thing to pick up at Staples at the beginning of each school year, was a new binder! I couldn’t wait to pick out the colour, and to check out how many pockets or inserts could fit inside. Loved my 5 Star binder! The next thing after that, were pencil crayons. Mostly, because I loved to draw. Thanks for running this contest!

  5. I love picking out new binders and files. It always make me feel like I can keep the organization juices flowing and not only be organized for school, but every where else!

  6. I love shopping for Back to school clothes! Its a supply right? Otherwise – I like shopping for backpacks and crayons/markers…(son’s still in elementary)

  7. Pencils!….my son thinks he needs to sharpen…sharpen…sharpen til its a nub!
    I also “liked” your FB page!

  8. My favorite back to school supply are pencils. There is something about the smell of pencils that just takes me back. 🙂

  9. My favorite back to school supply is pens. I have an addiction to them. And yet I can’t ever seem to find one when I need one!

  10. My favorite school supply is – well I don’t have just one. I like pens, notebooks, etc.

  11. I am just starting grad school next week! I needed a small backpack that I would be able to use while biking to class. I found a little black (little boys) backpack, but i am very excited about it! I also love picking out notebooks!!

  12. I’m a big file folder fan. Anything to help keep a cluttered desk organized :-).

  13. Following you on twitter, liked the Jacqueline Cromwell AKA NerdMom and Nerd Family facebook pages

  14. My favorite school supply is ink pens. If a pen doesn’t write a certain way. I TRASH IT!

    Also, am trying to gather up as many two pocket folders for a penny a piece as possible for a business I am putting together regarding real estate and mortgages.

  15. Favorite would be fabric 3-ring binder/organizer. Back in my day they were called Trapper Keepers!

  16. My favorite back to school item has always been pens. I NEED to have a gel writer that creates a nice thick line without gapping or the pen acting like it’s out of ink when I can see the ink in it!!!! And a new scientific calculator would really help in my Macroeconomics class.

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