One2Believe Nativity Set

When NerdDad and I got married, broke and straight out of college, I started thinking of getting a nativity set. Originally I wanted one of those real nice porcelain sets but then I realized that isn’t any fun. I wanted something that my kids (whenever they would arrive) wouldn’t break. Now I have kids (boy howdy do I have kids;) and still needed a nativity. Well you can imagine then how happy I was to receive Tales of Glory Nativity Play Set to review.

At 17 pieces I was amazed what a large set this is for only $18 at Christian Book Distributors. My older 3 kids (7, 5, and 3) immediatelyy started playing with it. And when I say immediately, they took each piece as unwrapped and started playing with them. There are enough groups of characters that each one of them could be responsible for a group in the role play. This set also looks great up on my piano.

I know you may be asking about down sides. Some people may have issues with the fact that it is made of pvc and in China but these aren’t issues at all for us (but I wanted to put it out there for the rest of you). My only issue it that there are some pointy party that are hard so I can’t let the 1 1/2 year old play will them. But that isn’t a big deal beacause it is almost impossible to find a good set for under 3.

One2Believe also makes a variety of other toys that kids love. It is nice to see action figures that are Biblical and the P31 dolls are adorable. 1 thing to watch. The nativity set is $24.99 at the One2Believe site and only $17.99 at Christian Book Distributors. I personally go for the deal so don’t shop on their site unless you can’t find any of the other toys anywhere else.

I highly recommend this Nativity Set and I urge you to pop over pick this up for Christmas, the sooner the more play time you have!

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