Pancake Cake: How To

I had posted this picture of the NerdBug’s 7th birthday cake a while ago and promised instructions so here they are! It is super easy with all store bought ingredients.

Lemon or yellow cake mix with ingredients to make it
A Can of white icing
Strawberries, sliced
Butterscotch or Caramel Ice Cream Topping


Prepare cake as instructed on the package in 2 round cake pans. Cool thoroughly then slice the cakes in half. You will use all the cake slices cut side down so the browner part is up. Put your icing into a piping apparatus and put a small dollop in the center of the cake plate to prevent slippage. Place your first piece of cake on the plate. Intermix strawberry slices and circles of icing (like butter) around the edges of you base layer so they peek out. Place next layer of cake and repeat until your last layer of cake. Then take the lid off your ice cream topping and heat it in the microwave until it moves when you swirl the jar. Then looking at the naked top lightly pour the ice cream topping until it starts dripping off the sides like syrup. Then on the top center place a ring of strawberry slices and in the center of the strawberry slices place a generous swirling of icing just like butter. That is it!

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