Pay Cut for Early Retirement?

I find the concept of collecting retirement and at the same time collecting a pay check from the same entity a bit disconcerting. Is that was is going on with Superintendent Larry Powell and his voluntary pay cut? While I really like him and think that what he is doing is nice, is it all people are thinking? Do people realize he might be getting retirement at the same time?

I just want to declare my motivation for this post. 1)I think Larry is a good guy but I thought there should be full disclosure if he was also collecting retirement just to properly frame everything.  2) I just don’t like this loop hole! Not everyone is doing it for such noble reasons and that costs us all lots of money.

Update: Brad saw an interview on FOX where Larry Powell said he was going to donate his salary to charity! Good for him!

4 thoughts on “Pay Cut for Early Retirement?”

  1. Here are your alternatives, Larry could keep on working for $250,000 saving the county no money (which he is entitled to) or he could retire out right still collect his retirement (which he has earned) and then we would need to hire another superintendent for $250,000 a year. Larry has basically agreed to work at the state minimum (required by law) in exchange for his vast experience saving the county $800,000. Anway you look at it this is an admirable thing to do. Being a county superindent, he is incharge of 100’s of school’s and makes less money then the Fresno Unified superintendent and comparable to Clovis Unified’s, all with considerably more responsibility.

  2. I agree with what you are saying. Larry is a great person, but I feel people have blown this out of proportion. He has made a decision about his future. On one hand he could keep his big pay and run the risk of a change to the retirement system which could hurt him later, or retire now and secure his retirement for the rest of his life. This is similar to what Chief Dyer did. I think Larry made a very good decision based on what the media is saying not only for his retirement, but also for the school district and for his future. If he were to choose to pursue another position (possibly political) after his term is up, he has positioned himself well. With the national media coverage and the benefit to the schools, he will be viewed very positively. Larry did state on FOX that he is also donating his reduced pay to charity, another good move. So, yes Larry is a good person who cares about the schools and is also very wise in how he has handled the situation, but I stop short of looking at this as the major show of generosity the media is portaying it as.

  3. Thanks Lora and Brad for your comments! I do think he is doing an admirable thing.

    Lora, I just think that the articles are glazing over the fact that he will be getting retirement while working. He won’t be living on the meager salary so that isn’t actually the sacrifice. There are many in the system who use this ability to collect retirement and work at the same time for less admirable reasons but it is still a loop hole.

    Brad, thanks for the info! I agree that he is positioning himself very well and is a very smart move. I am just not a big fan of the theory and think all the articles I have seen don’t even address it. But I don’t view what he is doing as the same thing Chief Dyer is doing. Dyer could leave any day. He is just remaining while they look for a new chief where as Larry Powell is serving out a prescribed term.

  4. I think superintendent’s are overpaid PERIOD.

    I think to many government entities allow double-dipping and it was by accident because of their SUPER LEGALESE they feel the need for and real people figured it out but no one is going to step in and change it because then they can’t, themselves, benefit from it.

    PS My mother worked for the government for years and I heard all sorts of stories like this – drove me nuts!

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