6 Pi Day Fun & Learning Resources


I love it when the silly holiday is a nerd holiday. And what gets nerdier than celebrating Pi Day? Of course we are going to be doing some Pi themed school and fun.

So you all can have a fun Pi day too here are great resources!

1. The official Pi Day site has all kinds of great information all about Pi!

2.The Exploratorium has a bunch of activities all working with Pi in simple and really fun ways! (Throwing toothpicks anyone?)

3. Math Goodies has a unit on Circles and Area (along with some other great things like crosswords)

4. A generic page out of the UK has a phenomenal history to Pi that is simple and easy to follow!

5. Did you know that there are Pi Day songs? Math Forum has some and while they are super corny they seem fun!

And last but not least…..

The Pi Episode of Math Bites with Danica McKellar! There is even a fabulous Sugar Pi Fairy song!

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