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Welcome to the April 13, 2007 edition of carnival of pregnancy. Due to my exhaustion with my own pregnancy I am taking help where I can get it with the template. Next time I will put a little more of myself into it;).

Hueina Su presents Take Time for Friendships posted at Intensive Care for the Nurturer’s Soul, saying, “Remember that story of a mom telling her soon-to-be-married daughter to never let go of her girlfriends? In our super-busy society, it’s easy to neglect the important relationships in our life. As I navigated through school, career, marriage, and motherhood, I became more and more appreciative and grateful for my old friends. No matter how busy you are, I hope you take time to nurture the significant friendships in your life.”

Stacie Turner presents Things Not to Say to a Very Pregnant Woman posted at The Twinkies.

Kate Baggott presents Postpartum Painkillers You Shouldn’t Take posted at Babylune, saying, “Just a reminder, when you deal with post-birth pain, your pain killer should not include codeine!”

Kate Baggott presents A Sensual Birth posted at Babylune, saying, “Second submission: If you plan to give birth without pain relief, you might want to consider a sensual birth.”

H.S. Ayoub presents biotech stocks, news, commentary – BioHealth Investor posted at BioHealth Investor.

OurBlogs presents The Perfect Play-Day posted at A Guide to Raising Great Kids.

isabella mori presents granny post number 4: waiting, waiting posted at change therapy, saying, “a post on pregnancy from the point of view of a terribly excited grandmother-to-be”

Wixx presents 10 Baby Items You Think You Need, But Really Don’t posted at Personal Finance Advice, saying, “10 things that most parents assume they need when they have a baby, but really don’t.”

Fun Facts Other

Niki Anders presents Let?s talk cloth posted at The-A-TEAM.

Leisa presents Out of the mouths of strangers posted at

Julie Heath – More4kids Inc. presents Pregnancy: Choosing Baby Names posted at Julie Heath – More4kids Inc..

Andrea presents What is Physiotherapy? posted at Travel Vaccinations, saying, “Physiotherapy can be of great benefit to expectant mothers.”

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