Pregnancy Carnival

Hi everyone! Here is the latest edition of the Pregnancy Carnival. I don’t have any cute themes but so great articles none the less. Let us jump right in!

As always we are looking for ways to deal with pregnancy, its symptoms and its chaos. Mommin’ It Up shares her own chaos and life in Days of Chunder. Patricia Hughes at More4Kids gives us Stress Relief Tips During Pregnancy. asks “Why Exercise During Pregnancy?“. Busy Bee Mama tells us How to Go from Overwhelmed to Productive. Momat35 shares what she has learned from her experiences in How Pregnancy Influenced My Career and Ambition.

In the preparation for baby category we have some good entries. PotPieGirl at Unusual Baby Boy Names provides us with a list of Baby Naming Tips. I Love the Beach tells us How To Make A Beach Baby Nursery. asks “Is the triple screen for Down Syndrome right for you?”. APMFormulators says that Obstetricans have no Idea what non-medicalized Birth is.

Next we have a couple of post birth issues. Rebuild from Depression gives us Breastfeeding Diet: Vitamin D and Iron in New Moms. provides us with one of our raciest entries (yet needed for some) with Sexy Plus-Size Nursing Bra.

You have to have a little pregnancy politics to finish your day. Phil for Humanity gives us Abortion: Religion versus Practicality versus Morality. Two Babes and a Brain offer us OH…What the Hell… about NYC hospitals ban on freebie formula.

This wraps up this edition of the Pregnancy Carnival. If you might be interested in hosting the Pregnancy Carnival please email me at If you want to submit a piece for the next edition please go to BlogCarnival and fill out the form!

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