Pregnancy Carnival

Welcome to this edition of the Pregnancy Carnival! I saw this cute picture on a flyer at my church and I thought it would be perfect for all of us already in the baby mood. (No I don’t know this child) Let us jump right in to this edition’s entries.

First up is the news. Dr. Helen has an interesting article on 67 year old mother who gave birth in Freak Show or Miracle? I have many opinions on the subject but I already commented on her article;). Then Let’s Talk Babies asks How Much Do Children Cost? They talk about a very interesting report put out by the Department of Agriculture.

Next, let us look at some articles that give us great advice. More4Kids give us some great help in Preparing Children for Baby’s Arrival. Biblical Womanhood gives us Input Requested: Home Birth vs Hospital Birth. She takes a factual and calm approach to the up side of birthing centers. Babylune then gives us some lighthearted advice with Top 5 Movies for New Mothers. I can definately use this now and for all those nursing times after the baby comes!

Now we turn to stories and our own experiences. We start with Joy in the Morning and This Pregnant Body-32 Weeks. She shares what she is now going through at this point in her high risk pregnancy. She also announces so contests going on in regards to her new bundle of joy! Little Ida shares her joy and fun she had at her Baby Blessing-Way. The last entry is my own with Baby Announcement and no I am not telling you what it is, just go read it;).

That brings us to the end of this edition of the Pregnancy Carnival. After you read all these great entries please submit your article for the next Pregnancy Carnival on March 2nd. It is Easy! Just go over to BlogCarnival to submit.

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