Preschool and Kindergarten Valentine’s Day Crafts


Kids like crafts! And I like kids being busy with crafts;). Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for little kid crafts because they can help create some seasonal decor and use their crafts as gifts!

The first one is a super simple heart wreath!
To prep for the kids you can take cheap paper plates and cut the center out of them. I picked up a great heart punch and had my son punch a bunch of hearts out of 2 sheets of cardstock but I could have used old magazines too! Then just place glue all over the paper plate ring and let them go crazy arranging them!!! If you want to get fancy they can draw faces on the hearts first;).

The second one is a super cute butterfly!
Take toilet paper roll and cover it in a rectangle of colored paper by placing glue on both ends of one side and then roll the paper roll in it. Then glue 2 hearts on the back for wings. You can put a hole punch in the top of the toilet paper roll in between the wings. Then have them place a colored pipe cleaner in the hole for antennae! Then just add googly eyes and draw a face! You could write to & froms on the wings and make sweet little gifts!

These aren’t complicated but they are fun!

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