A Quick Look at the Motorola Droid Turbo


I recently got my hands on the new Droid Turbo from Verizon to check out. I really like it! It has a huge screen, Active View and a 20 mp camera. And I got it in red;). What isn’t to like?

Seriously, it has a quad core processor and is really fast. The Active Display means you can get a preview of your notifications by flipping your phone or hovering over it. That saves battery life because you don’t have to fully turn on your screen and it means you can sneak a peak and not interrupt what ever you are doing.

I love a nice big screen and the Turbo has a 5.2 inch screen. But it isn’t just a size issue because it also has a very nice quality HD display. The screen is the 3rd generation Gorilla Glass so it is basically indestructible which pairs well with the case that has Kevlar in it.

I was really to see how much Motorola has stepped up the camera! The rear facing camera is actually 21 mp! It is also fast and focuses really quickly so you can snap pictures as you live you life too. The camera also take 4D video. I don’t need 4D but I love that it takes such great video since I use my phone to vlog on and I need all the help I can get.

So far I am loving this phone! I am using all the Moto Assist features and will write more about those soon! I really recommend this phone! Thanks #VZWBuzz for sending it to me!!!

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