It’s Raining Cats and Dogs or is it Ocelots and Wolves :Minecraft


This is about the Minecraft equivalent of cats which are called ocelots (which actually can be turned into cats cool) and wolves. I don’t have to much experience but I have read a lot about these and they are really cool. You get a cool house pet and they help you. First I am going to talk about one of my favorite animals the cat.

Ocelots: This is found in the jungle biome. They are very shy and will run away if you move close to them. To tame them you have to stand still near them with a edible raw fish till they start to walk towards you slowly the right click on the ocelot with as many fish as you need until the ocelot becomes  a cat. There is three types of cats tabbies, stripped and gray. I like the tabbie the most because  their eyes are blue and they have more colors but the different kinds are just different in appearance. Cats will scare away creepers they won’t come within like ten blocks.Cats will follow you but if you right click on them they will stay there. If you want to open a chest and they are sitting on it the chest won’t open till they get off. These are allergen free so even Nerdmom can have one don’t miss out on these Creeper free days get one now

Wolves: These are found in the forest biome and taga or snowy forest biome. Wolves are hostile to you at first if you hurt them. To tame them you need a bone and you feed them the bone then they will follow you. There is only one type of wolves gray. Wolves will protect you if you get attacked. Unlike cats, wolves can lose health and you can tell their health by their tail, if their tails are upright they have full wealth and if they have tails down they are about to die. If you feed them raw meat they will have more health.

I hope you get lots of pets. If you get a wolf and a cat you will be protected almost all common monsters. Let me know if you have any cool pet tips.                   Nerdpie

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  1. I LOVE CATS IM ALSO A NERD AND A WOMEN. Don’t judge me. Also BTW, nerd also stands for

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