Ralph Breaks the Internet

I may just be saying this because I got to go for free, but my honest opinion is this movie is just on the whole great, and is chock full of story, references, and good lines, telling a touching and passionate story. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Ralph Breaks the Internet is about what happens when Litwak’s Family Fun Center & Arcade gets internet. Like in the Emoji Movie, when Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz go into the internet they encounter a lot of things that are familiar things to us, including the annoying pop-up ads and helpful search bar. This movie is a great combination of a cartoony storyline, the crazy fun and awesome experience of the internet, and a touching tale of friendship and insecurity. I think this movie can teach everyone something, small or large, and ties in so much story as well as some pretty awesome action scenes. It has many touching moments and shows scenes that are true for both cartoon characters and real people.

I only have one complaint about this movie. It shows us glimpses of many different links in the Disney chain, like Star Wars, Marvel, Muppets, and has more Disney princess participation than you would think. But they don’t really tie together in the end. I would have loved a Jedi jumping out of a spaceship to hit the big bad guy, or we saw the Muppets running around and helping out, but that is a super minor thing and really depends on how much you enjoy the Disney crossovers.

Stepping back and looking at the movie, it is great. It is the best Disney movie that I’ve seen in a while (Excluding MARVEL movies, but they rock.). There is something for everyone, and both I and my dad loved watching it because there were just so many different themes in the same movie. Let me give you some advice, though. Stay till the end, because there may or may not be a sneak peek for Frozen 2. (But you didn’t hear it from me!)

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