Ringing in The New Update

The New Update

There is a new update that is going to come out in about a month or so. It is so cool. So to celebrate the new Year I thought I’d  talk about the new Update. They have added a lot of new things but before I tell you what they are, I will tell you how I know so much and how you can try it too.

The NerdDad taught us nerdlings how to get to the beta testers. On the Minecraft window that pops up before you get to real Minecraft. Click on the edit profile button. Click  on “allow beta testers”.  Save profile and play. Don’t play on a world unless you don’t care if it is gone.

I suggest you try it on creative first, that is really helpful. I found out that there is a bunch of new cheats but I am not going to talk about them. Also I am not going to say every statistic but if you want all of those go to the Minecraft Wiki. The biggest area that was altered was the End but the Nether wasn’t altered at all.

Mostly I have only explored the End’s new items but they are impressing me a ton. Nothing is changed until after you kill the Ender Dragon. Then there are these little floating portals that if you go through will take you to the end islands. they have Chorus plants that you can knock down and eat the fruit and the fruit will teleport you to a block near you. Then there are end cities But I think that I will give you something to discover your self with that.

The PE edition players will like that there will be Beetroots and Beetroot soup now in regular Minecraft. The other Big thing is that there is now a shield that you can use to block instead of a sword but I don’t understand it super well yet.

Let me know your favorite new part.



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