Scrunch Bottle Bib

I recently received a Scrunch Bottle Bib to review and I have to say this is pretty great. As soon as I saw this product I have to admit that I was quite frustrated. It is one of those great ideas that I should have came up with! All babies dribble some while they drink from a bottle. You know how it gets in their neck crease and then smells like sour milk or worse, they get a rash? I was also plagued by the fact I had a couple spitters. So with all 4 of my kids I tucked a spit cloth or a washcloth under their chin. Then they would move and it would fall out of place.

The Scrunch Bottle Bib was created by an aunt who saw the need when she fed her nieces. It is a thick piece of gingham fabric that has velcro on it (so it fits any bottle) and attached to that you have a double layer of soft cloth that soaks up any liquid. It is really simple but brilliant.
As a mom of 4 I can say that this would be a delightful gift! They even sell multi-packs that are designed for baby showers. So go check it out and tell me what you think! I am also curious what baby inventions that you wish you had invented!
Deal Alert!!
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(This is a FRN Review)

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