Seeding Pomegranates

Ruby orbs of juicy goodness. Yes, I am talking about pomegranate seeds. At Trader Joe’s they charge about $3.99 for pomegranate seeds. They look like they are about 1 pomegranate’s worth, maybe less than 1. Now on the other side. Here are 3 pomegranates that I bought for 50 cents a pound at a farmer’s market. But then there is the business of seeding them. It is super easy if you just plan ahead a little.

The first thing I do is cut them in half. Then I submerge them in a bowl of cold water. Let them sit for a while and the membranes start to absorb the water. That enables the pomegranate to release the seeds a little bit. After they sit just break out the seeds but do it under the water. Tossing out as much of the peel and membrane as you can.
Then run fresh water after you skim off as much of the membrane as possible. Then agitate the seeds in the water and leave them alone for a bit. The yucky bits (including dud seeds) will rise to the top. Then I dump them onto paper towel and then in a bowl. I tend to stick them in the fridge and just pick up some for a snack or throw them in salads. The other fun thing to do is stick them in the freezer. Then I drop them into all kinds of drinks from mixed drinks to lemonades.

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